Check Box Control

The Check Box Control allows a user to state whether a given condition/ criteria applies to him/her. In a check box menu, there is only one choice. For example, you can create a check box that a user checks if he/she agrees with the terms and conditions of a contract.

To add a check box in the “Form Fields” pane, click on  in “Common Fields.”

A check box is added to the “Form Fields” pane.

When a check box is added, the “Field Properties” pane will appear as the picture on the left.

To change the title of the check box, delete “Check Box 1” in the text field and add the new title.


If you want to require users of the form to include the information in the check box, check the “Must fill?” square. You can add a message in the “Custom Message” slot to remind users when they fail to include the required information. To add a message, check the box in front of “Custom Message,” and enter the text of the message.