Department Title Auto Complete Control

The “Department Title Auto Complete Control” is a form field that designated to identify which UCM department they are associated with. Values being entered into this field will automatically be referenced with the UCM ID database and matching results will show and narrow as more values are entered into the field. To add a “Department Title Auto Complete” field, click

A “Department Title Auto Complete” field is added to “Form Fields.

When you add a “Department Title Auto Complete” field to the “Form Fields” pane, the “Field Properties” pane appears as the picture to the left.

In the “Text” field, delete “Dept. Title Auto Complete 0” and enter the title that you want to give to “Department Title Auto Complete” form.

To have the information auto complete without the option to be modified by the user, check the box corresponding to the “Must fill?” box. Enter the “Custom Message” you wish to display to the user.