Drop Down List Control

The “Drop Down List” control allows an Intelforms user to choose ONLY ONE item from a list of pre-populated items. For example, a “Drop Down List” menu could consist of a list of the following degrees: Ph.D., Master, Bachelor ; the user will have to choose which one of the degrees she/he is receiving. The “Drop down List” control doesn’t allow a user to customize the content of the list. He / She can only choose from elements that the creator of the form already provided on the “Drop down” list. To add a “Drop Down” box in the “Form Fields” pane, click on Drop Down List Control  in the “Common Fields”.


A “Drop Down” box is added in the “Form Fields” pane.

When you add a “Drop Down List” box to the “Form Fields” pane,

Drop Down List Field Properties

The “Field Properties” pane is displayed as on the right.

Delete “Drop Down List” and enter the title that you want to use.

To add items on the menu, click on  in front of “(Collection)”.

TheList Item Properties” window opens.

Note that the “Please Select” message is added by default. To add new items, click on ADD Button      

List Item 1” is added to your list.

In the “Text” slot, enter the name that you want to use for this item, then click 

List Item 1” is replaced by the new name you just entered.

Follow the same steps to add all the items that you need on your list.

To discard an item from the list, just select the item and click on

When you are satisfied with your list, click on to close the “List Item Properties” window.

If you want to require users of the form to include the information in the drop down list, check the “Must fill?” box. You can add a message in the “Custom Message” slot to remind users when they fail to include the required information.

To enter an error message, click on the field in front of “Custom message” and enter the text of the message.