Radio Button List Control

It’s a control that requires a user to choose between one of several answers. With “Radio Button List Control,” at least one box must be checked, and the choices are mutually exclusive. For example, a user could be required to answer “Yes” or “No” to the question “Do you currently live on campus?” For information on adding a “Radio Button List,” please refer to Purchase Item Selector Control.

When you click in “Common Fields,” a radio button list is added in the “Form Fields” pane.

When a Radio Button list is added, the “Field Properties” pane will appear as the picture to the   

Delete the text in the title field and enter the new title for the Radio Button list.


To add items to the Radio Button list, click on  in front of “Collection.


This opens the “List Item Properties” window.


To edit the list, delete what is written in the “Text” field, enter the new item, and click .

Follow the same steps to add all the items that you need to have on the list.

To remove an item, highlight it and click

When you are satisfied with your list, click on  to close the “List Item Properties” window.